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2018-08-29 How to Take Photos for eBay. A picture is worth 1,000 words, especially when you're unloading your stuff online. These tips can help spruce up your photos before you start selling on eBay. I've noticed that someone is using my pictures to help sell his items on Ebay. www.benl.ebay.b Is that even allowed ? These pictures are clearly taken from my profile : de.myfigurecoll I've reached out to the Ebay-user asking him to remove the pictures before I contact Ebay. That being said, is … I've noticed that someone is using my pictures to help sell his items on Ebay.

Ebay someone using my photos

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You can't use other member's pics but You may be able to type your item into a search engine and pull up some pics. This would be a good option if the item you selling is brand new in an undamaged box and is exactly the same as the picture. Sooner or later, it happens to a lot of sellers: someone takes your photographs for their own eBay listings. eBay’s own wording does, I’m sorry to say, encourage this: the link to “sell one Using another seller's or manufacturer's photo is against eBay policy and can result in removal of the listing and even suspension of your eBay account. eBay's Image Policy states: "When creating listings, members should write their own description and take their own photos.

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I called yesterday and the listing is still up today. I plan on calling again tomorrow.

Ebay someone using my photos

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Include high-resolution product images and support products with multiple variants.

Ebay someone using my photos

Rhiannon on June 24, 2012. Legally you need to get permission from the photographer before using his or her photos on goods for sale. Oops! So sorry about that, chat me up and let's shut down the account as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can track the user and file a report at the police station 2019-11-20 · Complaints From Third Parties . If you are contacted by angry third parties claiming either that they delivered you goods for which you haven't paid or for which your payment was canceled, or that they paid you for an item that they did not receive, once again someone has likely been using the name of your seller account on eBay in fraudulent trading of some kind. eBay, San Jose, CA. 11,018,347 likes · 65,808 talking about this.
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Ebay someone using my photos

You may also use the eBay product catalog to obtain images and product details to use in your listing.

I've noticed that someone is using my pictures to help sell his items on Ebay.
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If he has a few violations on his account in the past, I believe he will be booted out by eBay in no time if someone reports him. My pictures used to get stole by other members but since i use watermark program to into name in the center of my listing nobody dare to use it anymore. This seller have over 500 feedback he is not a new seller i want to report him but no matter what i try contact ebay button dont bring up any number someone help please. Can't use someone else's picture or item description without their permission. If you believe someone else is using your photos or text without your permission, report it to us.